Tuesday 28 September 2010

The storyboard.

From the drawings I have done in their own I now put them into place in a story which mean something to me and will mean something to the viewer when transfered on the canvas which I will do with a small brush and white paint.
 Each story is different and at the same time represent the interaction between people in their own environments. I am a social viewer and taking quick snapshots of life.
 Sometimes I will carry one developing a story right on the canvas from a drawing which at the end might be  different from the start as each painting   have a life and a micro space on there own.
Each development create in me a sense of achievement with a feeling of nearly beatitude. Until finished with all the colors and the texture created by the paint itself I cannot see sometimes it's real meaning. They in a way create themselves on their own through my hands and my eyes.

Research to create a final drawing for one painting.

When I am creating a new painting I will research shapes and forms around the human figure by a rapid drawing of people in the street or from a photograph of people in the street, in a museum or doing things.
Each drawing has it's own power in itself. Some are showing feelings by the form on it's own, some by group of two or three.
Each drawing is not related to the next one. They are all independent from each others.
The next stage would be to create a story where each drawing will fit in with the idea behind I have in my brain, in my mind which sometimes is not quite yet born until I put them together.